Amy Harding


Amy Hansen Harding grew up lost in her own imagination (and found in the exact middle of her eight siblings). She somehow managed to find her way to many full bookshelves, eventually earning a B.A. in English. After studying a lot of Shakespeare, Milton, and T.S. Eliot, she fell in love with kid lit. After spending some time teaching high school and middle school, she also fell in love with teaching preschool, and with the kids who happen to be excellent kid lit reading partners. After actually falling in love with (and marrying) her best friend, she also fell in love with having her own children (and somehow ended up with seven of them), who then became her permanent kid lit (and sometimes Shakespeare) reading partners. After wandering the country with her family while living in Utah, Kentucky, Rhode Island, California, Hawaii, Florida, Massachusetts, Washington, and now coastal North Carolina, she has fallen in love with experiencing new places, meeting new people, and having new adventures. Now she puts all that material and passion into writing her own stories and even earned a Professional Certification in Writing for Children from the Univ. of Wash along the way. When adventuring and writing (or her seven children) wear out her brain cells, she can be found taking peaceful walks in the woods, kayaking on the water, or eating chocolate in mass quantities. Amy is repped by Kelly Dyksterhouse.


Fun fact: Amy has adventured through eleven cross-country road trips (all of which have included approximately 4,867 potty stops, 854 historical sites, a few lost tempers, and a lifetime of memories). Since her travels have only included 46 of the 50 states, her apologies go out to Michigan, Wisconsin, Maine, and Alaska…she will get to you shortly.