Anne Manson


Anne grew up with a series of dogs and cats, occasional chickens, two African quail, parakeets, hamsters, rabbits, turtles, and very accommodating parents. She spent lots of time outdoors as a child: hiking mountains, mowing lawns, sledding, snowshoeing, and swimming in ponds, lakes, and the ocean.

Anne never goes anywhere without something to read. When desperate, she’ll read every ad in a London Underground car, detailed descriptions of airplane exit routes, and even the ingredients of Marks and Spencer Luxury Hot Cross buns in multiple languages. You get the picture.

She has two boys and a dog who does occasional detective work, mainly food-related. Her sons read everything she writes and are kind enough to tell her everything that’s wrong with it. She loves going on trips and adventures with them, or just hanging out, laughing hard at her own jokes. (Why does no one else find them funny?)

She recently received her Master’s in Writing for Young People with distinction from Bath Spa University.

She lives in London, but dreams about the coast of Maine, and she likes to pretend she can look out her window and see gulls smashing shellfish on the rocks. Anne is repped by Lori Steel.

Fun Facts: Anne has kayaked with dolphins, swum in the ice-cold waters off Prince Edward Island, conducted the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, biked in the mountains above Salzburg, read hundreds of spy and action/adventure stories, and circumnavigated the world by sailboat. (Actually, she hasn’t done the last one, but she’d like to!)