Cat Poland


Daughter of an English teacher and an eccentric photographer/inventor/jack-of-all-trades, Cat Poland grew up on the Kansas prairie, a free-range childhood in a home full of books, art supplies, and acres of woods to roam. She’s a freelance writer, raising three children (one of whom is awesomely neurodivergent) with her husband David. She’s a fierce advocate for the marginalized and speaks truth to power especially against spiritual and sexual abuse. She’s absolutely addicted to podcasts, and voraciously consumes topics such as progressive Christian faith, history, and storytelling. Cat is repped by Kortney Price.

Fun fact: Cat has graciously remained married to her husband, even though she discovered after their vows that he eats Kit Kats by biting into the whole bar, instead of breaking it into pieces. That. Is. Just. Not. Right.