Ellen Mulholland

Ellen Plotkin Mulholland grew up in Southern California on a block filled with boys. Dirt-clod throwing, tree-climbing, worm-eating boys. She countered that world with fiction, spending hours at the local library reading hundreds of books and imagining life as Nancy Drew, Elizabeth Bennet, and Mick Kelly. As a teen, Ellen daydreamed about the mysterious universe and all its complexities. Books kept her sane, and she hoped one day to write stories and create characters that would help other young people make sense of their worlds–or invent enchanted creatures to keep them company. After earning her degree in journalism and English Literature at the University of Southern California, Ellen moved to London for two years then settled in Northern California to raise a family. More than reading and writing, she loves to bake and is certain Meyer lemons can turn any recipe into a magical delight. For more about Ellen and her stories please check out her website. Ellen is repped by Kortney Price.


Favorite Quote: “Why can’t I try on different lives, like dresses, to see which one fits me and is most becoming?” —Sylvia Plath

Work by Ellen: