Janis Campbell

Janis Campbell launched her writing career in Bonnie Brown’s journalism class at Battle Creek Central High School in the early 1980s. Mrs. Brown was her all–time favorite teacher, and had she taught shop class, Janis says she would no doubt be designing furniture today. After high school, Janis earned a journalism degree from Michigan State University and went on to work at Longevity magazine in New York City, the Syracuse Herald-Journal and the Detroit Free Press. Janis is the co-author of a dozen books, all but one of of them written in collaboration with her dear friend and long-time writing partner Cathy Collison. Janis lives in beautiful northern Michigan with her husband, Steve, and their dog, Hamilton. They have two grown sons, one lives on the West Coast and the other is on the East Coast, so they have fun places to visit. Janis is repped by Jacqui Lipton.


Fun Fact: At 50, Janis decided to be more adventurous. She had always wanted to dance so she signed up for ballet, jazz, and tap lessons. She says she’s not very sporty so it was a big, scary deal. She even performed in two recitals. Cranky feet and a broken wrist have caused her to be a dance dropout this year but she hopes to tap again.

Work by Janis: