Jilanne Hoffmann


Jilanne Hoffmann grew up on a farm where she used to hide in the hayloft, reading Nancy Drew mysteries to cats and sheep while avoiding her chores. Unlike Nancy Drew, she was never able to solve the Case of the Missing Boot that she lost in a muddy field. To this day, she believes the field ate it. Jilanne has been a burger flipper/pizza slinger, a zoo train engineer, a “real” engineer for IBM, a fitness trainer, a tai chi instructor, and a freelance writer, and now writes stories for kids and adults. She has a BS in Industrial Engineering and an MFA in Creative Writing, and is a co-producer of Kidquake, the elementary school program of Litquake, San Francisco’s annual literary festival. Jilanne enjoys getting lost in San Francisco’s fog with her husband, son, and dog named Wrigley. Jilanne is repped by Lori Steel. 


Fun Fact: In Botswana, Jilanne was attacked by a troop of baboons that ripped a loaf of bread from her hands. She (and her husband) ended up eating peanut butter with a spoon inside their truck before changing campsites. That night, they discovered the new campsite was a favorite spot for grazing hippos.