K. E. Lewis


K. E. Lewis is from Bishopville, SC where the weather is hot and the accent thick. He loves telling stories, reading stories, and has had a keen sense of language since he can remember. Vibrant neighbors, porch-front conversations, thunderous sermons, and a mysterious grandmother colored his childhood. Not to mention, K.E’s music-loving father was both host and entertainer of big cookouts at his house. As a child, K.E. chased lizards, played streetball, football, drew, and watched National Geographic while munching on big bowls of Apple Jacks. When K.E. became a reader, his mother balanced the scales. If K.E. read a story by a white author, he had to read a story by a black author, too. He was allowed to explore his whims and now, years later, spends most of his time writing stories that will hopefully grant children, especially those who look like him, the very same stories where children see themselves navigating the world — unracialized, not othered, and free. K. E. is repped by Lori Steel. 


Favorite quote: “We all do ‘do, re, mi,’ but you’ve got to find the other notes yourself.” —Louis Armstrong