Marta Magellan


Marta Magellan was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and has lived in Miami, Florida since the age of seven, with a few years in Japan and Brazil in between. Her expertise in literacy along with her love for children and profound interest in nature has produced several award-winning children’s books about wild animals — lizards, vultures, bats, Burmese pythons and more. She has also written children’s books for the educational market and even a few travel articles (all on exotic places, of course). She taught Composition, Creative Writing, and Survey of Children’s Literature at Miami Dade College, where she was a full professor and national award-winning adviser to Miambiance, the campus literary arts magazine. She misses contact with young adults in college, but now is happy to connect with young children by writing for and presenting to them full time. Marta is repped by Kortney Price.


Fun fact: Marta has used English almost exclusively since the age of seven, but whenever she sees a word in print that she has never heard spoken, she will stress the penultimate syllable every time. That’s often wrong — how embarrassing for an English teacher — but it is the default stress for Portuguese. So it goes to show that knowledge acquired during the first years of life is deep and permanent, making the vocation of children’s writers truly significant. Here’s a fact that’s a little more fun — she lived in Japan for two and a half years with her first child, and she can still sing a nursery song, Okina Kuri, in Japanese. 

Work by Marta: