Monica Roe


Monica Roe grew up in a tiny farming town and spent most of her childhood holed up in a corner of the local library, where she was once almost locked in at closing time (she saw this as a huge win; the librarian disagreed). She could also be found performing poorly in gym class…or roaming the woods, dreaming up stories and pretending that gym class didn’t exist. These days, Monica practices part-time as a remote-site, pediatric physical therapist for several villages in the Alaskan bush, which means she gets to travel on tiny planes over some of the most gorgeous terrain in the world. Even better, she also gets to work with some of the greatest kids in the world. When she’s not working in the bush, Monica and her family spend most of the school year in Anchorage, where they live beside a huge, dark woods full of moose, bears, and endless stories. Summers belong to sunny South Carolina, where she and her family own a small apiary and offer local educational outreach on the importance of honeybees and other pollinators. These days, Monica still loves reading and dreaming up stories more than just about anything else—and sometimes actually does get to spend the night in libraries (strange, but true). Monica is repped by Jacqui Lipton.

Fun Fact: Monica was once stung by nine bees at once. This was entirely her own fault.

Work by Monica: