Salima Alikhan


Salima Alikhan is half German and half Indian, and grew up reading German fairytales as well as Indian folklore. Growing up, she wrote and illustrated stories that often featured hilarious combinations of both. Salima has been lucky enough to write and illustrate children’s books for fifteen years now. She attended Vermont College of Fine Arts, where she earned an MFA from their Writing for Children & Young Adults program. Now Salima teaches English and creative writing in Austin, Texas, where she still gets to dream up the words and pictures for stories. Her books and art can be found at Salima is repped by Jacqui Lipton.


Fun Fact: When she was little, Salima dreamed of piloting an airship around the world that would scoop up misfits, like herself, and fly them off to someplace remote and magical.

Work by Salima: