Sara Ingle

After earning a BA in music from Fordham University in New York, Sara Ingle moved to Boston in 2012. Having written all her life, she decided to take her writing seriously and went on to earn an MFA in creative writing from VCFA in 2016. Sara still lives in Boston with her two cats and her best friend and while she doesn’t do much with her music degree, you can still find her playing cello. She runs a yarn and bead store in Boston’s SoWa district where she spends her days knitting and rearranging piles of yarn. When she’s not knitting, Sara writes books for young adults and the occasional romance. She loves ghosts, romance, and serial killers and is usually in the middle of the podcast about one of the three. Sara is repped by Jacqui Lipton.

Fun Fact: I host a Lord of the Rings (extended editions) re-watch every year with themed drinks and snacks.