Shay Fan


Shay Fan is a Taiwanese American children’s book author and emerging screenwriter who got her start writing fanfiction in the fourth grade for The Magic School Bus and The Babysitters Club. She was born in Texas, which means she has a lifelong adoration and craving for queso. She eventually made her way out to the West Coast and is currently settled in Los Angeles with her human child and fur child, both of whom are way more popular than her. Her career has taken many twists and turns including but not limited to: an internship at The Lance Armstrong Foundation, two weeks as a hotel maid, and a marketing consultant for tech and pharmaceutical companies.

Shay’s writing has been featured in retweets on Twitter, citations in news articles, and corporate blogs. When Shay isn’t writing, reading, doodling, or watching TV voraciously she enjoys snowboarding, running, hiking, and many other gerunds. Her recent favorite gerund of all is sleeping. Shay is repped by Kortney Price.

 Fun Fact: She was once quoted in the New York Times about her FOMO.

Favorite Quote:All grown-ups were once children . . . but only few of them remember it.” —Antoine de Saint-Exupéry