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What's New @RQLA


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Kathryn Benson

Kathryn Benson

Kathryn J. Benson is a writer, teacher, and erstwhile librarian who lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with several thousand books and a dog named after Pippi Longstocking... read more

Lynn Street

Lynn Street

Lynn Street writes fiction and nonfiction picture books. She earned her MFA in poetry at Vermont College of Fine Arts and enjoys bringing lyrical language to stories for young audiences... read more

Dolores Andral

Dolores Andral

Dolores Andral was born in Brooklyn to Haitian parents. She loves reading, writing and creating. She has a book in every room, so she’s never without a story on hand. Her hobbies include making clay dolls, teaching herself animation, and writing screenplays (for her clay dolls and cartoon characters, of course!)... read more

Mary E. Cronin

Mary E. Cronin

Mary E. Cronin writes fiction and poetry from her home on Cape Cod in Massachusetts. She spent her early years in the Bronx, NY, where she fell in love with reading, writing, libraries, and black and white cookies. Mary crafts picture books and poetry collections... read more

Ebony Lynn Mudd

Ebony Lynn Mudd

Ebony Lynn Mudd writes picture books for underrepresented kids who don't see themselves in the media. She is intentional about the diversity of her son's bookshelf, and now she writes to contribute to the diversity in children's literature... read more

Sammi Spizziri

Sammi Spizziri

Sammi Spizziri writes YA contemporary from a small town in Illinois. She grew up in Ohio, where she earned a business degree from Bowling Green State University and became a CPA. While the Midwest feels like home, she has enjoyed studying abroad in Spain... read more

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Bookish Buzz

Soraya and the Mermaid


Title: Soraya and the Mermaid
Author: Salima Alikhan
Illustrators: Atieh Sohrabi & Jennifer Naalchigar
Publisher: Reycraft
Release date: Nov. 6, 2020

According to Kirkus, "Alikhan pens a sweet story of a forming friendship and how there are positives to being different... Action, sea creatures, and a mermaid make this thoughtful adventure a delight."

Every Body Shines: New YA Anthology

Anthology Title: Every Body Shines
Work Title: Goalie
Editor: Cassandra Newbould
Work Author: Monique Gray Smith
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Publication: Spring, 2021

RQLA client Monique Gray Smith contributes her short story "Goalie" to Every Body Shines, a YA anthology celebrating body diversity. "Goalie" tells the story of a girl named Jac, who moves to a new town following her father's death. Disguised as a boy, Jac joins the hockey team where, finding acceptance, she begins to rediscover her sense of self.

Ancestor Approved: Intertribal Stories for Kids


Title: Ancestor Approved: Intertribal Stories for Kids
Editor: Cynthia Leitich Smith
Illustrator: Nicole Neidhardt
Revealed: June 8, 2020

An exciting upcoming MG anthology with contributions from clients Monique Gray Smith and Art Coulson.

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Book cover: No Vacancy

INTERVIEW: Process Talk speaks with No Vacancy's Tziporah Cohen

8/25/2020: The best and brightest middle grade novels hit the sweet spot between lightness and the big questions of life. Here’s one from VCFA grad Tziporah Cohen. I asked Tzippy if she’d tell me more about this whimsical, intelligent novel about 11-year-old Miriam who finds herself transplanted from New York City to the failing motel that her parents, most unreasonably, have chosen to run.

Book of Life

PODCAST: The Book of Life features No Vacancy, by Tziporah Cohen

8/10/2020:The Book of Life is an interview-format podcast about Jewish kidlit, mostly. This episode features RQLA client Tziporah's upcoming debut middle grade novel, No Vacancy.

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Interview: Writing in Partnership with Others

Agent Jacqui Lipton's monthly Luna Station Quarterly column explores methods and strategies for writing with other people and organizations - as well as legal considerations to keep in mind. Whether you're co-authoring, writing for hire, or collaborating in another way, navigating partnerships can be a tricky but ultimately creatively rewarding experience!