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What's New @RQLA


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Laura Shovan

Laura Shovan

Laura Shovan is a children’s author, educator, and Pushcart Prize-nominated poet. Her chapbook, Mountain, Log, Salt and Stone, won the inaugural Harriss Poetry Prize... read more

Deborah Diner

Deborah Diner

Deborah Diner has always loved books and words, and wanted to be a writer even before she could read. Some of her earliest memories are of dictating stories to her mother, who typed them up and bound them into her first published books..... read more

Leslie Widener

Leslie Stall Widener

Leslie Stall Widener, a member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, grew up in Tulsa and was a regular at her neighborhood library and the summertime bookmobile, although she had a problem with the limited number of books she was allowed to take home.... read more

Stephanie Gibeault

Stephanie Gibeault

Stephanie Gibeault took many detours on her way to writing middle grade and picture books. Her first career as a biologist had her swarmed by marmoset monkeys and grumbled at by gorillas.... read more

Anita Yasuda

Anita Yasuda

Anita Yasuda lives in the rolling hills near Toronto, Ontario. She loves crafting lyrical fiction and nonfiction picture books. You can most often find her writing “at the edges of the day...” read more

Sidura Ludwig

Sidura Ludwig

Sidura Ludwig grew up in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and has wanted to be a writer since she could hold a pen. She’s worked in radio and communications, and lived in Ottawa and Birmingham, UK, before returning to settle in the Greater Toronto Area... read more

Ashley Walker

Ashley Walker

Ashley Walker is a children’s book author with a confession: she didn’t read much as a kid. Instead, she climbed trees, chased butterflies, and dreamed of flying to the moon... read more

Marcie Rendon

Marcie Rendon

Marcie Rendon is a citizen of the White Earth Nation. Named to Oprah Magazine’s 2020 list of 31 Native American Authors to read, Marcie is also a recipient of the 2020 McKnight Distinguished Artist Award and the 50over50 MN AAARP & Pollen Award 2019... read more

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Bookish Buzz

Every Body Shines


Anthology Title: Every Body Shines
Editor: Cassandra Newbould
Work Author: Monique Gray Smith
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Illustrator: Hippy Potter
Design: John Candell
Revealed: Jan. 14, 2021
Publication: Spring 2021

RQLA client Monique Gray Smith contributes her short story "Goalie" to Every Body Shines, a YA anthology celebrating body diversity. "Goalie" tells the story of a girl named Jac, who moves to a new town following her father's death. Disguised as a boy, Jac joins the hockey team where, finding acceptance, she begins to rediscover her sense of self.

Soraya and the Mermaid


Title: Soraya and the Mermaid
Author: Salima Alikhan
Illustrators: Atieh Sohrabi & Jennifer Naalchigar
Publisher: Reycraft
Out now!

According to Kirkus, "Alikhan pens a sweet story of a forming friendship and how there are positives to being different... Action, sea creatures, and a mermaid make this thoughtful adventure a delight."

Ancestor Approved: Intertribal Stories for Kids


Title: Ancestor Approved: Intertribal Stories for Kids
Editor: Cynthia Leitich Smith
Illustrator: Nicole Neidhardt
Revealed: June 8, 2020

An exciting upcoming MG anthology with contributions from clients Monique Gray Smith and Art Coulson.

Other News from the Flock

Laura Shovan to Appear in MG Anthology

3/17/2021: Client Laura Shovan has a short story appearing in 13 B'NAI MITZVAH STORIES, edited by Jonathan Rosen and Henry Herz. The anthology will be published by Albert Whitman in March 2022. Congratulations, Laura!

Luna Station Quarterly

Jacqui Lipton on Royalties & Advances

3/5/2021: Agent Jacqui Lipton breaks down what you need to know about advances and royalties in her column for Luna Station Quarterly.


Laura Shovan & Saadia Faruqi on Standing Up to Prejudice

3/1/2021: Client Laura Shovan, along with co-writer Saadia Faruqi, chatted with Kveller about the pair's acclaimed novel A Place at the Table.

The Canadian Jewish Newsletter

CJN Talks to Tziporah Cohen

2/12/2021: Client Tziporah Cohen chats with the Canadian Jewish News about her middle grade novel No Vacancy, recently named a Sydney Taylor honoree and National Jewish Book Award finalist.

Luna Station Quarterly

Jacqui Lipton on Work for Hire

2/8/2021: Agent Jacqui Lipton tells authors what they should know about freelance work for hire contracts.

Vermont College of Fine Arts

Lori Steel's Journey to Agenting

2/7/2021: Agent Lori Steel talks to her alma mater, Vermont College of Fine Arts, about joining RQLA and championing her clients.


CountryLiving Magazine Picks Rural Voices for February Book Club

2/1/2021: Rural Voices, a YA short story collection featuring client Monica Roe's short story "The Unhealthy Breakfast Club," has been named CountryLiving's February Front Porch Book Club selection. This is the first time the magazine has picked a young adult novel for its book club.

National Jewish Book Awards

No Vacancy Named Finalist for the National Jewish Book Award

1/27/2021: Client Tziporah Cohen's middle grade novel No Vacancy was named a finalist in the Middle Grade Literature category of the National Jewish Book Award. The awards were established 70 years ago by the Jewish Book Council in order to recognize outstanding works of Jewish literature.

Sydney Taylor

No Vacancy Awarded 2021 Sydney Taylor Honor

1/25/2021: Client Tziporah Cohen's middle grade novel No Vacancy earned a Sydney Taylor Honor, given by the Association of Jewish Libraries to books for children and teens that exemplify high literary standards while authentically portraying the Jewish experience.

Sisters in Crime logo

A Minute with Marcie Rendon and Sisters in Crime

1/12/2021: Client Marcie Rendon joins Sisters in Crime to share writing tips and what she's learned on her professional journey.

The Festival of Literary Diversity logo

Sidura Ludwig's You Are Not What We Expected Named to 2021 FOLD Challenge

1/7/2021: Client Sidura Ludwig's short story collection is a suggested read for the Festival of Literary Diversity's January challenge, "a short story collection by an author from a marginalized community."

CBC Logo

Tilly and the Crazy Eights in CBC's Canada Reads 2021 Longlist

1/6/2021: Client Monique Gray Smith's novel Tilly and the Crazy Eights was named to CBC's Canada Reads 2021 Longlist, with panelists to be revealed on Jan. 14.

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Agent Jacqui Lipton’s book Law and Authors will be featured at the 2021 Ohioana Book Festival.

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Agent Jacqui Lipton will serve as a faculty member for this We Need Diverse Books workshop for Native/First Nations writers.

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Agents and clients talk shop across the web

Interview: Writing in Partnership with Others

Agent Jacqui Lipton's monthly Luna Station Quarterly column explores methods and strategies for writing with other people and organizations - as well as legal considerations to keep in mind. Whether you're co-authoring, writing for hire, or collaborating in another way, navigating partnerships can be a tricky but ultimately creatively rewarding experience!