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C.J. Hong

C.J. (Chang) Hong is a children’s writer with a passion for promoting literacy. With her stories, she hopes to help foster a love of reading in children. Picture books are her favorite genre for writing, and she was a finalist in that category in the 2019 Canadian Society of Children’s Authors, Illustrators and Performers Writing for Children Competition. She is repped by Jacqui Lipton.... read more

Stefanie Hohl

Stefanie Hohl

Stefanie Hohl loves to write books for kids! She is the author of The Remember Tree, Where is the Star?, and the ABC See, Hear, Do series. She is passionate about discovering better methods for teaching young children and is the founder of Playful Learning Press, a publishing company focused on teaching children through movement. Stefanie has a Masters of Education in Curriculum and Instruction from Penn State and a Masters of Fine Arts in Writing for Children and Young Adults from Vermont College of Fine Arts. She lives in Pittsburgh with her husband, five children, a very silly dog, and two cuddly cats. Stefanie is repped by Jacqui Lipton. .... read more

Colleen Muske

Colleen Muske is a children’s book writer and illustrator. She has been writing poems and drawing horses as long as she can remember. But it wasn’t until she took a picture book illustration class 15 years ago, she knew she had finally found her calling. Her love of nature and animals is an endless source of inspiration for her art and writing. Colleen likes to use dynamic colors, with lots of print and texture in her illustrations, and paints using gouache, watercolor, and Photoshop. She loves to write picture books and middle grade .... read more

Jen Lynn Bailey

Jen Lynn Bailey was born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario. She loves playing with the sounds and rhythms of words while drawing on snippets and scraps from her life thus far. Jen has measured water quality, air quality, and the quality of treads on her hiking shoes. She loves balancing equations, the keel of her kayak, and the spine of a beautiful book on her knee. Jen holds a Master of Fine Arts in Writing for Children and Young Adults from Vermont College of Fine Arts and her debut picture book, This is the Boat that Ben Built, is forthcoming in March 2022 .... read more

Nedda Lewers

Nedda Lewers

Nedda Lewers grew up in Queens, NY where she spent many Sundays at the local library deciding how many books she could possibly carry on the fifteen-minute walk home. Every summer, she visited Cairo, where her parents are from. She cherishes how that experience has made her perspective richer and more expansive. She strives to create books that take children on fun adventures with characters who are also trying to make sense of the big, complicated world and their place in it.... read more

Colleen Paeff

Colleen Paeff

Colleen Paeff is the author of The Great Stink: How Joseph Bazalgette Solved London’s Poop Pollution Problem (illustrated by Nancy Carpenter) and Rainbow Truck, co-authored with Hina Abidi. As a child, she made up stories to entertain herself on long car rides or to impress her friends at recess. Nowadays, she writes those stories down. Sometimes they’re made from her imagination, and sometimes they’re true stories about real people or places, but they almost always start with a wonder.... read more

Shay Fan

Shay Fan is a Taiwanese American children’s book author and emerging screenwriter who got her start writing fanfiction in the fourth grade for The Magic School Bus and The Babysitters Club. When Shay isn’t writing, reading, doodling, or watching TV voraciously she enjoys snowboarding, running, hiking, and many other gerunds. Her recent favorite gerund of all is sleeping. Shay is repped by Kortney Price.... read more

Jessica Owens

Before Jessica Owens was two, her dad had to nail the bookshelf to the wall because he couldn’t keep her off of it. And while she mostly can reach the top shelf without climbing it these days, her appetite for a good story hasn’t let up. She holds a degree in English Literature from Purdue University, and has spent many years volunteering at her local school library. She writes YA and Middle Grade. Jessica is repped by Lori Steel. .... read more

Dana Rau

Dana Rau

After earning her MFA in Writing for Children & Young Adults at Vermont College of Fine Arts in 2015, Dana has taught writing and literature at the University of Hartford, the Highlights Foundation, and the Mark Twain House. When she’s not writing or teaching, she rides roller coasters, watches movies, plays Catan, knits too many scarfs, hikes with her husband, puts together jigsaw puzzles, and collects Funko Pops. Dana is represented by Jacqui Lipton.... read more

Bill Canterbury

Bill Canterbury

Bill Canterbury has been writing for kids ever since he was seven. His “Today’s Weather Now!!!” daily handout for his classmates always forecast earthquakes and asteroids, none of which ever happened. Bill has written and produced over one hundred hours of animated and live-action comedy television shows for both kids and adults. He holds an A.B. degree in Applied Mathematics from Harvard University... read more

Natasha Khan

Natasha Khan is a Pakistani expat mom raising two boys with her husband in Saudi Arabia. She spends an inexcusable amount of time window shopping for books on the internet and playing the New York Times Spelling Bee. She is passionate about her country, her people, and her food... read more

Thushanthi Ponweera

Thushanthi Ponweera is a children’s author and poet. She lives in Sri Lanka where she grew up reading and falling in love with stories about children in foreign countries. She hopes that someday readers will fall in love with stories about children in Sri Lanka... read more

Nydia Armendia-Sánchez

Nydia Armendia-Sánchez

Nydia Armendia-Sánchez is a California-based picture book author. Of Guatemalan and Basque roots, she highlights diversity in all her creative endeavors... read more

Melissa Mwai

Melissa Mwai

Melissa H. Mwai is a picture book Author-Illustrator. Her middle initial stands for Hernández, representing her Afro-Puerto Rican heritage. Melissa wants underrepresented kids see themselves in her stories... read more

Laura Shovan

Laura Shovan

Laura Shovan is a children’s author, educator, and Pushcart Prize-nominated poet. Her chapbook, Mountain, Log, Salt and Stone, won the inaugural Harriss Poetry Prize... read more

Deborah Diner

Deborah Diner

Deborah Diner has always loved books and words, and wanted to be a writer even before she could read. Some of her earliest memories are of dictating stories to her mother, who typed them up and bound them into her first published books..... read more

Leslie Widener

Leslie Stall Widener

Leslie Stall Widener, a member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, grew up in Tulsa and was a regular at her neighborhood library and the summertime bookmobile, although she had a problem with the limited number of books she was allowed to take home.... read more

Stephanie Gibeault

Stephanie Gibeault

Stephanie Gibeault took many detours on her way to writing middle grade and picture books. Her first career as a biologist had her swarmed by marmoset monkeys and grumbled at by gorillas.... read more

Bookish Buzz


Title: Bigfoot
Work Author: Art Coulson
Publisher: Reycraft
Illustrator: Frank Buffalo Hyde
Revealed: Jan. 7, 2022
Publication: Apr. 15, 2022

Chooch Tenkiller is not thrilled to be spending some of his summer with his Cherokee story-telling uncles and cousin Janees at a convention in North Carolina. While there, the uncles want to visit Judaculla Rock, a place of spiritual significance to the Cherokee people. Little does Chooch know that he has his own connection to the rock--a connection that could put him in mortal danger.

AIR selected as a JLG Gold Standard

1/5/2022: Congratulations to Monica Roe, author of AIR, which has been selected as a Junior Library Guild Gold Standard Selection!

THE GREAT STINK named one of the best STEM children’s books

12/23/2021: Congrats to Colleen Paeff, whose picture book, THE GREAT STINK, was named one of the best STEM children’s books of the year by the National Science Teaching Association.

RURAL VOICES now available on audio

12/23/2021: The audio book for RURAL VOICES, which features RQLA client Monica Roe, is now available, and is read by Emmanuel Chumaceiro and Diana Blue.

LOOK, GRANDMA! NI, ELISI! named one of the best STEM children’s books

12/22/2021: Congrats to Art Coulson, whose picture book, LOOK, GRANDMA! NI, ELISI! was named one of the best STEM children’s books of the year by the National Science Teaching Association.

Rural Voices Names on 2022 TAYSHAS Reading List

12/06/2021: Congrats to the editor and authors of RURAL VOICES, including Raven Quill's own Monica Roe. The anthology has been included by the Texas Library Association in the TAYSHAS reading list for 2022 .

The Great Stink: Named one of the Best Informational Books for Young Readers

11/30/2021: Congrats to Colleen Paeff, whose book The Great Stink: How Joseph Bazalgette Solved London's Poop Pollution Problem, was named by the Chicago Public Library as one of the Best Informational Books for Young Readers for 2021.

Sidura Ludwig 2021 Vine Award Winner

11/29/2021: Congrats to Sidura Ludwig, whose short story collection, You Are Not What We Expected, won the Vine Award in the Fiction category. The collection was praised by the Vine Awards’ jury as “storytelling with a heartbreaking comedic sense of timing… Ludwig’s short-clipped understated prose is by turns surprising, touching, funny, beautiful, and sad.”

Laura Shovan Poem Featured

11/18/2021: Congrats to Laura Shovan, whose poem, "Flood: Ellicott City, Maryland" was selected by the Ellicott City, Maryland 250th anniversary organizers as part of their poetry walk. It will be made into a poster and displayed along Main Street during National Poetry Month. The poem will also be included in a commemorative booklet. "Flood: Ellicott City, Maryland," was first published in POEMS ARE TEACHERS (Heinemann), edited by Amy Ludwig VanDerwater.


Title: RIGHTING WRONGS: 20 Human Rights Heroes Around the World
Work Author: Robin Kirk
Publisher: Chicago Review Press
Publication: 2022

Human rights expert Robin Kirk's RIGHTING WRONGS profiles 20 significant human rights figures throughout history, many of whom were persecuted for their groundbreaking work in pursuit of equality, justice, and human dignity.


Title: Monsters in the Briny
Work Author: Lynn Becker
Publisher: Sleeping Bear Press
Illustrator: Scott Brundage
Revealed: Nov. 8, 2021
Publication: Apr. 15, 2022

What do you do with a grumpy kraken, a sickly sea serpent, and a tearful gigantic tortoise? You sing them a tune, of course! Following the sea shanty rhyme of "What Do You Do With . . . ," a ship's crew of sailors has to contend with a coterie of mythical sea creatures, all demanding comfort and attention.

THE OLPHABET named one of the best picture books

11/4/2021: RQ client Jess Brailler's book, THE OLPHABET: "O" NO! AN ALPHABET REVOLT, was named by Parents magazine as one of the best picture books for kids ages 3-8.

Cover Reveal for STACEY ABRAMS by Mel Mwai

11/3/2021: RQ client Mel Mwai wrote this National Geographic leveled reader voting rights advocate and politician Stacey Abrams and her groundbreaking achievements.

Tziporah Cohen Wins Jean Little First Novel Award

10/29/2021: Congratulations to Tziporah Cohen, who is the winner of the first-ever Jean Little First-Novel Award for NO VACANCY!

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